Welcome to the website of Arenas & Asociados.

Our objective is the conception and project of structures that, in addition to functionality, require careful formal development to become a complete solution.

In line with the best Structural Architecture, our work includes everything from bridges and footbridges to public buildings, and from industrial constructions to urban planning and spatial planning.

We firmly believe in geometric purity and structural strength as the quality bases for a good design, but also as a helpful tool to offer projects with significant and original values, and with authentic cultural and artistic significance.

Dedicated to the design, project and management of civil engineering and architecture works, and technical assistance to site management and construction companies, as specialists in bridges and unique structures, we consider essential that, in the work of our team, the treatment of aesthetic and landscape values and environmental aspects of the projected works is essential.

Faced with those who believe that public works should be merely functional, ARENAS & ASOCIADOS practices the idea that the beauty of any construction can and should be based on the optimal design, the organization of the complex, and the best relationships between its various elements. We have the conviction that all construction admits order, harmony and beauty, and the search and enhancement of that order is our job. We think that beauty, the improvement of the environment and the cultural values ​​transmitted by large public works are our work´s responsibility as engineers and that these values, which are born from the same structural quality of the projected construction, should not have an additional cost for the property.

Our commitment to conceive and design visually pleasing structures is therefore clear and definitive. First of all, because these are ideas that we believe in and for which we have fought for years with words and, more importantly, with every day effort. And, secondly, because in recent years these ideas have gained growing public support among citizens. Now, projecting beautiful and preventing environmental pollution is no longer something that can be ignored. Designing and building solid, economical, durable, sustainable and beautiful is our permanent obligation.

In addition, innovation and creativity are fundamental elements, since our works need a state of permanent alert to technological and construction developments; a permanent focus on continuous improvement, pollution prevention and customer satisfaction, maintaining the creative tension that allows the achievement of innovative projects with significant and original values. These obligations imply an acquired commitment to not only meet the requirements of customers and interested parties, the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard and the legal ones, but also to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality and Environment management system, which will undoubtedly affect our work and the achievement of our objectives.

Maintaining the firm commitment to good environmental practices of the company, our suppliers must respect our Quality and Environment Policy, committing to comply with all current environmental regulations that are applicable in their fields of activity and to have the legal documentation accrediting that.

We inform our suppliers and subcontractors that in accordance with section 8.4 of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, the products / services they supply us are evaluated based on the following criteria:

- Initial evaluation criteria: quality, term, price, experience / reputation.

- Continuous monitoring criteria: non-conformities, quality, deadline, price, after-sales service.