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Last 28th June, Margarita Álvarez, Maíta, Juan José Arenas' wife, died in Santander. 


Her seamless support for over 50 years, has been an essential part of the achievements of...


Santander, 8th June 2016.

The presence of the local authorities and José María Mazón, Public Works Director from the Government of Cantabria, announced the construction beginning  with the...


The Spanish Royal Academy of Engeneering, has granted Juan José Arenas the distinction of Laureate Engineer, award that aims to recognize the figure of great valued engineers. Previously to Juan...


The summer courses organized by the UIMP - Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, are of great tradition in the city of Santander.

Among the wide range of activities, this 2016 will be...


Last 27th April, Arenas & Asociados' technical manager, Guillermo Capellán, gave a lecture at the Engineering Faculty of the University San Ignacio de Loyola (Lima, Peru).

"Caminos en...


Arenas & Asociados has resulted winner of design competitions promoted by Lima's Municipality (Peru).

These competitions, entail the design of two bridges over the Paseo de la...


Lima (Peru), 22nd March 2016.

The new Villena Bridge, situated at Miraflores' Balta Descent, has been unveiled to public by the authorities of the Andean capital.  The opening ceremony,...


Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelssohn, Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss walking around and taking selfies over Zorrotzaurre's Island new Bridge.

This is the image chosen by the MUSIKA -...


ECCE - European Council of Civil Engineers' new publication, "Footbridges. Small is beautiful", shows the most relevant footbridges and pedestrian bridges in the European context.


Bilbao, 14th September 2015.
The new Frank Gehry Bridge, that will provide access to the future Island of Zorrotzaurre, has been opened to public by the city government. The structure is...



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