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Honor Member of the Spanish Civil Engineers Institution
Juan Jose Arenas, on the 19th November 2009, received the honor award from the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineer (Cantabria delegation) in recognition to his long career in the world of architecture and engineering. Thus, he has become the first engineer to receive this award in Cantabria.
The event was organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers. Unanimously it decided to grant the award to Juan José Arenas, celebrating the ceremony in the auditorium of Magdalena Palace in Santander.
The event was attended, among others, by Cantabria's Government President, Miguel Angel Revilla; the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Edelmiro Rua; Dean of the Cantabrian demarcation, Pedro Sánchez; Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cantabria, Fernando Cañizal and Santander's Mayor, Iñigo de la Serna.
Arenas' speech gave special emphasis to his beginnings as a student, analyzing the profound change that has experienced the Civil Engineer profession. In his years at Retiro's Park College, works are mainly developed in the Administration and just some for builders, at a time where there was no Consulting Engineering World. He embarked and continues to develop this world with national and international recognition.
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