Aragón Government gave, on 23th April of 2010, Saint George festivity and Aragón Day, their most valuable annual awards.

The 2010 Aragón Awards Edition was granted to Professor Civil Engineer Juan José Arenas. Aragón Government distinguished to the Third Millennium Bridge designer for his humanistic values as engineer at the service of society, outpointing not only his technical excellence but his community service too, conceiving his professional trajectory as a fundamental element in the communication process, structuration and modernization of human living spaces.

Pablo Arenas Arenas, Juan José's son, accepted the Award in his father’s name, and read the lecture that Professor Arenas had written for the Act, remarking "the kindness and sympathy received by the people in the last weeks of the Third Millennium Bridge erection" and added "establishing a human touch with every one of the citizens that feel like they are the owners of that and all the Public Works built around the Spanish Geography would be a satisfaction".

The Aragón 2010 International Award was given in the same Ceremony to the former Spanish President Felipe González and the former President of the European Union Commission Jacques Delors.